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Our control systems can be used in conjunction with hydraulic as well as electrical winches and are designed to meet all the requirements from standard handheld controllers to advanced bridge control systems.

For smaller winches we provide wall mounted controllers, pendant control stations, radio remote control units and foot switches. For large and advanced winches we provide complete control systems (manual and automated) including deck mounted pedestal control panels

as well as bridge control panels which are designed to easily control the winches in complex operations ensuring safety and reliability.

These control systems are built around a flexible and modular-based PLC system using the latest commercially available automation hardware and software with various selectable operator interfaces to fit the actual enviroment, enabling constant monitoring of the winch’s important functions, alarm management and data recording with history access.

Our product range comprises

  • Anchor Winch Control
  • Automatic Mooring Winch Control
  • Towing Winch Control
  • Constant Tension Control
  • Oceanographic Winch Control
  • Active Heave Compensation
  • Multi-winch synchronization
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