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Systems are composed of sophisticated winches and deck handling hardware: a tilting A-frames or custom designed launch and recovery cranes equipped with tools docking carriage. Systems are designed for personnel safety and gently handling of umbilical cables, instruments, underwater tools or ROVs.

Different configuration of system can be tailored :

  • A-frame handling system
  • L&R Crane handling system
  • Container mounted
  • Ready for deck mounting



Winches are designed for rough and demanding offshore conditions. With possibility for local and/or remote control. It can be delivered with different configurations ranging from simple control to advance system with multiple displays. Winches with sufficient capacity to accommodate the required length and diameter of umbilical, conducting cables or ropes in compliance with system requirements.


Winches are driven by:

  • Permanent Magnet electric motors
  • AC electric motors – pole-changing or frequency controlled
  • Axial piston or radial piston hydraulic motors


A-frames and L&R Cranes

Adria Winch offers A-frames and custom tailored L&R Cranes having safe load handling up to 250 kN and 8 meters outreach. Can be delivered as self-contained or self-erecting units, for stern or side outreach.

Technical information

SWL Up to 250 kN
Recovery speed Up to 200 m/min
Operational depth Up to 8000 m
Number of the cable layers Up to 30 layers
Impact resistance Up to 8G
Over deck outreach 8 m plus
Operating ambient -40°C / +50°C



Winches are equipped with control systems that manage, control, and inform or limit :

  • Load in ropes / cables
  • Speed and lengths of rope / cable feeding off
  • Loading of transmission element, drive motors and drive energy


Equipment for measuring and information transmitting

  • Absolute rotary encoders for the precise measurement of lengths of rope, placed on the axis of the drum or on outgoing pulley
  • Load cells built into the gearbox or the pulleys, for measuring force and gearbox torque and pull in the rope
  • Slip rings to download signals from submerged research devices


Digital instrumentation and comfortable color LCD touch screens is used for programming of the equipment functioning and a comprehensive display of information on the operations.


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