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AW can provide custom designed towing winches, single and double drum in waterfall or in-line configuration. Winches can be tailormade to meet all deck arrangements or other customer requirements. The design corresponds to the international regulations as well as to the rules of maritime class societies.

All winches are equipped with :

  • spooling devices
  • quick release function – operating even in power supply shortage
  • friction clutch for torque transmission
  • load cells with amplifiers for force measuring
  • drum encoder for rope speed and length measuring device
  • PLC controller for winch operations and logics

AW Towing winches are driven by high pressure hydraulic motors or frequency controlled electric motors. The technical solution is with enclosed gears, submerged in lubricating oil.

Robust design allows operation in all conditions. All equipment is suitable for work at temperatures as low as -40°C.

Control software is programmed to cover all winch operation modes. Local and bridge control panels are based on comfortable touchscreen HMI unit. Integrated HPU unit provides hydraulic power for automatic operated clutch and winch brake. Manual operation of the brake and clutch is provided in case of emergency.

Technical performances

Drive ·         Electric

·         Hydraulic

Configuration Customized options, single and double drum
Rated pull Up to 125 tons
Clutch ·         Manually / Remote Hydraulically

·         Automatic quick release

Control ·         Local and / or remote control

·         Emergency functions automatically

Options ·         Constant tensioning mode

·         Static brake slippage

·         In-out action nominal power


Towing Pins

AW has original innovative towing pins solutions which are preferably used for shallow draft vessels which have limited underdeck space.

Our solutions have several unique features

  • extremely low underdeck profile
  • easy rotating pins – which prevents rope damage by avoiding rope friction over roller
  • safe, long life sealing

AW provides also different tailor-made towing pins solutions for deck rope guidance satisfying specific customer needs.

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